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GB Whatsapp is a modified version of WhatsApp for Android. It offers a host of additional features to customize the interface, schedule the sending of messages and new options relating to privacy.

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However, this version is not available on the Google Play Store and it is difficult to verify the integrity of the publisher with regard to the many permissions required.

GB Whatsapp is a modified version of WhatsApp

GB Whatsapp is a modified and more complete version of WhatsApp for Android. It is therefore an unofficial mod, unavailable on the Play Store and from an unverifiable source.

What additional features

Among its main functions, GB Whatsapp offers, among others,

group video calls, full interface customization as well as numerous security-related options.

Thus, the user can set their status to offline, hide many notifications during discussions and modify several security settings. It is thus possible to hide playback or recording notifications during group discussions and between contacts.

GB Whatsapp 2020 version also allows the sending and receiving of files and documents over 100 MB and photos without reducing their size or quality.

Enjoying your new Whatsapp experience.

Before using for the first time, you are advised to back up all old discussions and make a full backup.

Download GB Whatsapp 2020 version apk now


  1. it’s amazing. many great features. thanks for sharing it.

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