Fact Privacy Policy Page Can Get Your Adsense Application Rejected

Adsense asks you to create a privacy policy page for your blog or website before they can approve you, infact it’s a must as this helps make your blog more reader friendly and built for users, not for ads. But do you know that creating a privacy policy page can cause your adsense application to be rejected? infact 98 percent of new adsense applications are rejected on this ground, yes you may seem suprised because you haven’t thought of it, read on, as I explain why creating a privacy policy page for adsense is the reason for getting disapproved.

Just check it out, you started blogging on Blogger’s blogspot just because they told you that you can get approval there easily, and so you read their TOS, apply it to your blog, including adding the necessary pages that are required like the contact, about, sitmap, and privacy pages, think you’ve done everything right you applied again, the next adsense no-reply email comes and you get rejected. You go on to the internet to search for more adsense approval tips, you find answers either in forums or in blog posts, where one of those answers is to buy a top level domain usually the .com, .net etc, you do it and re-applied yet no approval, you’re then told to write more unique artcles, drive more traffic to your blog then apply again, you did that with the same result as before. You may even receive suggestions to migrate to wordpress and pay for hosting, did that yet no approval still.

This means you’re doing something wrong that is still present right from the first time to now, what is it? Although adsense gives you reason(s) for disapproval they are not exact and direct especially with something like site does not meet webmaster quality guildline or programe policy, this reasons are broad and so this is where your privacy policy page comes in to contribute to this quality problem.

A word from google’s adsense about creating a Privacy page is “they hate auto-generated contents” if you write your privacy page yourself then you don’t need this as you’re either approved or not in violation of their policy. The thing with this, is google simply hate auto-generated contents even if it’s on a static page, to them they think you’re lazy, since you can’t create a simple privacy policy page yourself how then can you write unique blog posts. Remember when the adsense supervisor visits your blog, what he/she first checks is the important pages they require, including your privacy page. Believe me the know one that is auto generated, what a software writes is far different than what you wrote yourself even me can spot it, talk less of those brilliant google employers with their powerful computers. If they can detect false clicks then finding out auto-contents is like making tea.

This simply comes down to using websites that offer automatic generation of contents popularly known as adsense privacy policy generator. Since you’re required only to input your blog’s url and email address, after which you’ll get the pre-written policy which you’ll just copy and paste then publish. This is easy as you won’t waste time sitting down and thinking of what to write, which makes you seem lazy, nothing worthwhile comes easily you have to sweat to get it. Apart from the top 4 adsense disapproval reasons this is the best solution.

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