Get Free Money Upto $3000 From Bank of America

To get free United States dollars straight to your bank account, here is what you need to do. Before you, you continue please note the eligibility or the requirements to get this free money. If you’re not eligible you can’t get this free money, it might get stuck on the way lolz, so try and read and meet the requirements.

The bank is Bank of America, a top premium bank in the United States of America. If you do this well and on time you’ll get thousands of dollars all free. But you have to do this on time otherwise it might get patched pretty quickly soon. To get this free cash you’ll be making use of what is known as Bank of America offers.

Note: With these methods, it doesn’t matter whether you’re in the United States or not. Just pay attention.

Top Bank of America offers

1. New account offer

Requirements. (Not necessary, I’ll show you a way out)

To get this offer, open a new eligible Bank of America personal checking account

To open a Bank of America account online you’ll need to go to

i. click on create an account, Go here
ii. Select checking account. Now move down.


Get Free Money Upto $3000 From Bank of America
iii. Leave the already a Bank of America account holder unchecked. Then select I have offer code and fill in this code DDX100CIS (this code will give $100 free)
Get Free Money Upto $3000 From Bank of America
iv.  Now move down and click start application. Next is to punch in your personal details like

-Your name- Address-Zip code

-Email- Social security number- Answer the US citizen questionnaire.

Get Free Money Upto $3000 From Bank of America
Social security number is very important, you need it to access this money from bank Americ. If you don’t have don’t get upset, you’ll get yours too.

Once you set this up

Set up and receive qualifying deposits of $1,000 or more within ninety days of account opening. (Will show you how to do that )

2. Bank of America Advantage plus banking



Check out Bank of America Advantage Plus Banking


  • FDIC Minimum Deposit Required: $100 Monthly Fee:
  • $12 Monthly Maintenance Fee OR waived with: At least one qualifying direct deposit of $250 or more,
  •  minimum daily balance of $1,500 or more,
  •  enrollment in Preferred Rewards,
  •  a waiver for eligible students under 24.

What if you are not from US and not a resident?What if you don’t have or want to use your Social security number?

The solution is below.

– Requirements must have

For this to work, you must have the following requirements.

If you’re not in the United States you must have a foreign or dorm account domiciled in USD. You can open it from your country. It must not be a US account. You can use the bank account supplied by Payoneer if you have a Payoneer account.

  • Smartphone and a  recommended VPN
  • A small sense.

Those are the two offers needed going to use to claim this free cash from Bank America.
Because of the sensitivity of this issue, not everything will be made public in this article, if you wish to claim this free cash from Bank America then you’ll have to follow this link, and download a special VPN (you should know what VPN is, if you don’t know, you don’t have any business here).

Visit HERE to access the secret strategy now, hurry before it closes. Remember every thing is completely free.

Then comment below indicating the time you downloaded it, leave your email so that you’ll be sent the whole guide. But be careful while using this method don’t be greedy start with $300 a day. Happy hunting guys.