How to buy Safemoon Crypto easily

You can’t buy on Binance just yet nor can you buy it Hotbit, though you can get it on safemoon. If you are new to Pancakeswap here is to get Safemoon token.

  • Download Trust Wallet on your phone
  • Download binance and put money in it.
  • Buy BNB
  • Send BNB to Trust Wallet
  • Open up pancake swap in the Trust Wallet app (under the dapps tab)
  • Connect your wallet (should be automatic)
  • Swap BNB to BNB smart chain.

To swap BNB just click on the deposited BNB and click swap to BNB smart chain. Select the amount of BNB you want to swap and click done.

Trade BNB for Safemoon or any shit coin.

To trade

Open pencakeswap via trust wallet on the dapps tab

Connect your trust wallet to pancakeswap, and allow to sync.

Now select how much BNB you’ll like to swap Safemoon with.

Click swap. If you get any error messages increase the slippage.


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