How To Cancel Netflix Subscription on PS3 And PS4 Easily

Netflix subscription is nice to have because with it you’re exposed to a whole new level of entertainment. 
How To Cancel Netflix Subscription on PS3 And PS4 Easily
But if for some reason one decides to stop the subscription, especially one with PS3 console, this is where it becomes a bit tricky, because there is no stand out button you need to press that says ‘cancel my subscription’  In the past code has been used but now you don’t have to do the code thing you just hit circle on the controller´╗┐.
Options which will guide you will appear just follow them and you’re good. You might find out that you can’t get to your account due to the password issue.
The password issue is why some may have a problem, just use your browser and enter recover password then put down the e-mail address that’s shown on my account information to get your password.
Login to your email provider, check on your inbox and junk folder for their mail. Open it and follow the link.

Use Browser directly

x. Once you have access to the account that is associated with your PS3, use your device browser to stop Netflix membership so you don’t pay after the free trial.
– Go to and sign in. Go to account in the top right-hand corner then under membership and billing click cancel membership. 
Doing this won’t delete your credit card information but will stop any further payments being subtracted from your bank account.
If you’re lost contact their customer care reps.


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