How To Create supercodes For Free Phone browsing

browsing freeBefore you can be able to create and fix any codes that will work very well and can bypass any browsing firewell, you must know all network Ports e.g 8080, 25, 3030, 80 etc. To know the Port that can work for you, you also need to know network server type and which of that Port server can penetrate.

This can be known by access point name used to connect in order to break your network for free browsing, you need something like a weakness in their firewall behind your operator service.
Ip and Port are major role players here, for the codes to work it requires anonymity which are anonymous site that allows you to browse to other sites through them.
Examples are concealme com sneakme net etc.

What is an annoymous site?

Annoymous site helps you to bypass all the firewall and view whatever you want or like. Ip other hand means Internet Protocol, different Ips comes with different Ports and work on different servers depending on Port number. Internet protocols from USA, DENMARK, CHINA, MEXICO, UK, SINGAPORE, FRANCE are very strong and can bypass any server with it.

Note. When looking for Ip, you are going to see millions of them yet not all are strong universally and annoymous. Try new ones from Google

How To Find Ips

Type Ip; proxy, fast and strong proxy in Google just be specific. Follow the links you see there.
Next. is finding Ports, because those Ips come without Ports. Get the port, go to and test it.

Just click on ping and input any of the proxies you got from Goole you will know if the Ip is working by the data it sends.

Thats it! With that you can now fix it to any network and browse for free!


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