How To Delete A Group Chat On Facebook

How To Delete A Group Chat On Facebook
Like other messaging platform, except perhaps Snapchat, there are messages which shouldn’t stay long, messages are meant for a particular moment, and when the messages has served it purpose, it should be deleted.
If to delete the messages after other group members have read it, it is simple enough just follow this steps to delete a group chat on Facebook.

To delete a group conversation or a group chat

1. click messages at the left pane of your time line
2. select the conversation you want to manage
3. click actions
4. from the drop down list: “Delete conversations”
However if you want to delete the messages not just only from your end, but from other group members, they is where it becomes tricky.
There is no direct way of doing this, but there may be a run around, which many don’t or can’t do. If you are willing here is what you need to do if you want to delete Facebook group chat both from your own chat screen and other group members chat screen. 
*. If you are an admin, remove all the members and delete the group. If you want you can re create the group and add all the members again.
*. If you are not an admin, leave the group, and  temporarily deactivate your facebook profile. When the trouble generated by that messages passes you can then activate it back.
*. You can contact the Admin to remove all members then re add them back.

Or if the group is small then delete conversations from each members chat history.


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