How To Download Free Legal Music Online

How To Download Free Legal Music Online

Just dance to the tune, come on the dance floor and rock your body, when asked you’ll say “I’m dancing” just shaking your body and tapping your feets to the music on the sterio is dancing to you? What are you dancing to then? A stolen music! Which means you’re also a thief, he who partakes of a stolen music is also guilty.

How would you like to be seen as someone who loves dancing to a stolen music, I bet you won’t. Many people are downloading stolen tunes, from off the internet, some knew what they are doing while others don’t, those who knew are using lack of money to defend themselves as they believe legal music can’t be free.

The truth is there are many free music sites which you can download songs that are free and are legal. You get to legally download those songs free with no charges other than your data. This is a nice fit if you want to be on the safe side of the law, as you’ll get lots of free music, both the popular and your favourites can be downloaded, you can even listen to them online even without downloading.

2 easy steps to download free music

This are steps that can help you download any free music to either your computer or your smartphone. They are easy to implement, this helper tutorial like I said before can be understood by any one with half a brain.

1. Choose website There are many websites that offer free legal music download, if you’re in in US, Europe or any part of the world, then I recommend Youtube for you especially if you’re a music video lover. Why Youtube?
Download from YouTube I take that you’re not new to Youtube, infact you may have been watching videos on Youtube, seeing that they have lots of music videos ranging from the established professional music artists to underground ones, downloading through here will bring to you any music you want. The only hitch is how to download them, a simple Firefox plug in will help you, see how to download Youtube videos for a more detailed explanation. This is legal, the artist on whose videos are featured there wants you to watch them, infact you can keep them provided you don’t sell them.

Download fromimesh imesh offers lots of free music both in mp3 and other format that can be downloaded to your device, and just like Youtube you can listen to songs online if you choose not to download any. Songs from artist like Rihanna, Kanye west, Chris Brown to name a few can be found there.

Some others are Internet Archive, and There are other websites too is another website especially if you’re Nigerian and want a site that offer many free downloadable Nigerian and African music while mixing it with foreign US, and Indian songs. It has many genres of songs which are balanced.

2. Check n’ Download Once you’ve gotten the website that host the song you want to download, just click download, check the place you’re storing it and save. You can also choose to play them on the internet before deciding whether to save or discard them.

This means you don’t have to do something illegal to have free music. And for those of you who uses this excuse I believe this tutorial has helped you overcome it. Found this post helpful? Share with friends using the share buttons below.

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