Finding Jobs in ECOWAS and How to Make the Most of it

In this section, you will find information about how to find a job in ECOWAS and how to make the most of your stay.

This article is about the different ways that you can use to find a job in ECOWAS. You will also learn about the various resources available for you to make the most of your stay in any ECOWAS country. Searching for a job in ECOWAS can be hard, especially if you do not have any connections here. To make your job search easier, here are some ways that you can use to find a job in ECOWAS:

What is ECOWAS?

ECOWAS is the Economic Community of West African States. It was established in 1975 and has 15 member states.

ECOWAS is a regional economic community that was established in 1975 with 15 member states. It aims to promote economic integration among its members, achieve sustainable development in the region, and establish an integrated and cohesive society in West Africa. The African Union, established in 2002 and headquartered in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, is the only African organization with a dedicated peace and security policy arm. It replaced three preexisting continental organizations: the Organization of African Unity (OAU), the Pan-African Parliament (PAP), and the Council of Ministers of West Africa States (COMOWAS). The AU has 55 signatory members.

What are the Advantages of Moving to ECOWAS Economies?

They ranked top in Africa for providing jobs. Africans find employment in these countries through government agencies, private companies, and NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations). This is due to the fact that ECOWAS economies are significantly larger than many African states and also because of their ties with other ECOWAS countries as well as other African countries. Nigeria is the most developed country in ECOWAS. It offers a wide range of services, supports entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurship as well as being one of the countries with the highest GDP (Gross Domestic Product). The main sources of employment are government agencies, private companies/oil companies, and NGOs. Government agencies are responsible for providing jobs to 40% of all employed people in Nigeria while private companies provide jobs to 30% and NGOs provide jobs to 7%.

How to Get a Job in ECOWAS and Avoid Common Pitfalls on the Way?


How to get a job in ECOWAS

There are many benefits to working in the ECOWAS region. The most obvious one is that you get to experience a new culture and lifestyle. You also get exposure to new ideas and opportunities in your career.

Here are some tips on how you can land a job in ECOWAS and avoid common pitfalls on the way.

-Research the country thoroughly before applying for a job there

-Learn the local language -Get all your paperwork done before going to an interview

-Be prepared to work long hours

-Be flexible with hours and do not expect a 40-hour workweek

-Apply for multiple jobs in the same country

-Get a job that is convenient and allows you to travel back and forth to your home country.

Available ECOWAS Jobs

Jobs in ECOWAS
Jobs in ECOWAS
  • Office Aide G1/G2/G3
  • Yearly salary: USD 15,045.59, USD 17,487.78, USD26,929.25

The office aide’s official work function is just to take of the day-to-day office errands, such as sorting and arranging files, accepting and dispatching correspondents, etc.

  • Committee Clerks P2/P3/P4
  • Yearly salary:    USD  67,713.70, USD  77,480.7,  USD  89,289.87

The committee Clerks shall serve as the administrator, coordinator, and adviser to the Parliamentary Committees to which he or she is assigned, and assist the Principal Parliamentary Affairs Officer in managing the business of the Plenary.

Recommended mode of application: Send your details, CV, cover letter, and application letter to  [email protected].

  • Protocol Officer P1/P2/P3
  • Yearly Salary:  USD 58,266.6, USD 67,713.70, USD 77,480.72

The Protocol Officer is responsible for assisting in providing protocol services and ensuring the smooth delivery of services to the Parliament.

Recommended mode of application: Send your details, CV, cover letter, and application letter to  [email protected].

  • Parliamentary Research Officer P2/P3/P4
  • Yearly Salary: USD 67,713.70, USD 77,480.7, USD 89,289.87

The ECOWAS Parliamentary Research Officer shall assist Members of Parliament by providing them relevant well researched information for their work.

Recommended mode of application: Send your details, CV, cover letter, and application letter to [email protected].

  • Librarian/Documentalist P1/P2/P3
  • Yearly Salary:  USD 58,266.6, USD 67,713.70, USD 77,480.72.

The ECOWAS Librarian/Documentalist shall help in providing, organizing, and preserving info materials including files, produced by the Parliament, and also assist in research activities.

Recommended mode of application: Send your details, CV, cover letter, and application letter to  [email protected]

  • Driver G1/G2/G3
  • Yearly Salary: USD 15,045.59, USD 17,487.78, USD 26,929.25

The ECOWAS driver is responsible for driving administrative staff or one particular staff, the expected experience level is 3 years of experience. [email protected]

Other available Jobs are

  • Administrative Officer P1/P2/P3
  • Security Officer P1/P2/P3

For more available Jobs and Infor go to ECOWAS Jobs list

How to apply for Jobs in ECOWAS

The application is online. There are two ways to apply for Jobs in ECOWAS,

  1. Through application form
  • Download the application form by clicking on the link in parentheses (JOB APPLICATION FORM), and fill it out correctly.
  • Attach the completed application form, a curriculum vitae (CV), and a letter of motivation.
  • Send all three documents to the email address provided.
  1. Through the following Emails [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], note each mail is linked to a different job, so select the one that suits your employment goal.

The minimum age is between 20 and 50 years.

Are there other ways of finding Jobs in ECOWAS countries?

Some ECOWAS countries like Ghana for example will employ someone, even if one is not from Ghana, one can easily get ECOWAS-affiliated jobs.

Can I get a Job if you’re not from ECOWAS?

Yes, you can, if you stand out in your field, but you can’t compete with a citizen of any member country that has the same qualification and experience as you.

How much do ECOWAS employees earn?

They are paid handsomely and are given lots of benefits, expect to pay in US dollars.


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