Jobs in Japan: Guide to Teaching English, Working as a Foreigner, and Other Opportunities

Why work in Japan

Japan is a country that is known for its high quality of living. It also has a rich culture and history. Teaching English in Japan can be an amazing experience and it is something that many people want to do. There are many reasons why someone would want to teach English in Japan, but the most common reasons are the following:

  • – To experience Japanese culture and see how Japanese people live
  • – To make money teaching English abroad while working in a country with a higher standard of living than their home country
  • – To get a visa sponsorship and teach/work in Japan on a long-term basis.

There are many Jobs available in Japan, such as

How to find Jobs in Japan with Visa Sponsorship
How to find Jobs in Japan with Visa Sponsorship

Demand Jobs in Japan with Visa sponsorship

Teaching Job (English teachers are needed urgently)

Teaching English is an excellent way to earn money while traveling abroad. The demand for qualified English teachers is high in many developing countries, and it only takes a few hours of work per week to make a living wage. Cities in Japan need teachers, classroom English teachers, and private tutors, who work for a fee. In Japan, many universities hire students as English teachers. The pay is okay but the teaching experience is invaluable. Working in Japan can be both challenging and rewarding, requiring one to juggle student-centered performance standards with cultural expectations of politeness and patience. Many universities offer a variety of programs for Japanese students who want to teach their native language overseas, including community service fellowships based in the country that focuses on teaching English to children.

If you are qualified and can take some internationally recognized teaching certification, you can apply to top schools in Japan, and if you’re accepted you get visa sponsorship.

Japanese jobs for health workers such as Nurses, Doctors, etc

Japan has been facing a shortage of health workers in recent years and the situation is expected to worsen. The government has been looking for ways to train more doctors, nurses, and pharmacists, but it needs time. In the meantime, Japan needs to find more qualified people to work in these positions. The government plans to bring in more foreign workers. In the first year of the plan, it is aiming to increase foreign-born residents who work as health workers by 10 percent. So you can be part of these workforces.

If you are a trained medical practitioner and want to work in Japan, you can take advantage of these opportunities, some of these Japanese hospitals will sponsor your visa so as to have you in their hospital.

Jobs in Japan for IT/Computer scientists and programmers.

Japan is looking for skilled workers in the IT industry. The country’s population is shrinking and there is a high demand for new technologies. , which means that the country must have the ability to create innovative software and new technology. In order for Japan to succeed in this industry, it must have a skilled workforce. The country is looking for individuals with expertise in Java programming and IT security software development.

How to Get a Job Teaching English in Japan

Teaching English in Japan is an increasingly popular option for those looking to teach abroad. The country has a well-developed education system and a need for native English speakers to teach their students.

There are many different ways to find jobs teaching English in Japan. These include finding jobs through recruiters, applying directly, or simply arriving and searching for work. A TEFL certification may be required by some employers, but this varies depending on the employer and the location of the job.

Working as a Foreigner in Japan

Japan is one of the most popular destinations for foreigners to teach English abroad. The country offers a high standard of living and an excellent work culture. The visa process for foreigners can be quite difficult, but with a little research, you can make it happen.

Requirements for jobs in Japan with Visa Sponsorship

General requirements

  • Traveling documents (international passport, yellow fever, and covid 19 test results, etc)are ready.

Small cash, even though organizations like hospitals most times take care of your Visa, accommodation, feeding, and flight fees, you’d still have money for other personal expenses, until you are paid.

  • For teaching jobs, you’ll need a TEFL certification,

A little bit of experience is required, schools will interview you online. Don’t worry you can pass it easily.

  • For health jobs, you’ll need all or one of the following, Registered Medical Assistant, APA, Certification in General Surgery, AOBS, Surgery, ABPS.

For nurses and other health workers, you need an RN license from Japan, this might be pretty difficult to obtain if you take the exam in the Japanese language.

  • For IT/computer/Programing jobs in Japan.

Japan has a well-developed IT industry with a large number of jobs available. The unemployment rates in Japan are relatively low, but there are still many people who have trouble finding employment. If you live in the country and have a skill that is in demand, your chances of getting an IT job will be much higher than if you lived elsewhere. You will need certification in CISCO. CCNA etc.

Other jobs are finance jobs which include roles as diverse as investment banker, actuary, portfolio manager, quantitative analyst, securities trader, and financial planner

To start your application process you have to visit these visa sponsorship Job websites in Japan. These Japanese-based Job portals work like every other job portal, you visit any of the listed sites, search for or identify the type of Job you want, register or log in, make sure you have your CV in pdf format, apply for the job, and upload your CV. Applying for multiple jobs can increase your chances of getting employed in Japan.

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