How To Get Custom Free Facebook Covers

Here is how to get free facebook covers for your Facebook page or your FB profiles, these covers are custom made, even according to your exact specifications.

How To Get Custom Free Facebook Covers

This means you can get any designs you want, you can even design it yourself or pay and guide someone to design it for you.  

There are two ways to get this custom Facebook covers

1. Design yourself
2. Pay someone to design for you

1. Design it yourself

 If you are on a low budget or want to design your Facebook cover for fun, you can use this method. You’ll have to learn basic designing using your favorite design software, like Photoshop, Illustrator, coral draw etc.

For a beginner, it takes some time to learn, but if you apply yourself to it you’ll learn it at no time, there are great resources for learning this online, you can begin with Youtube for free, or pay for an Udemy course, paying money to learn will help keep you dedicated to acquiring that skill.

But if you don’t have time to teach yourself how to design, you can use some online sites that will do it for you free, these websites have already predesigned templates, you just click and start customizing your Facebook cover, 

These online design apps like Canva, fotojet will get you started, simple and easy to use but with some drawbacks, the drawbacks have to do with some restrictions on your designs, you have to upgrade to the paid version, to enjoy many of the main features, otherwise, you may end up with a design that has the company’s watermark on it, or a very common design.

2. Pay someone to do it for you

Actually this involves a one time payment, you can pay some professional to design your Facebook cover for you, it is not much, at least from 5 US dollars, you can get a unique design that you’ll be proud of, as it will be custom made to fit whatever you want to do with it.
There are many platforms to hire these freelancers to give you the best, but there are two major places for this, these platforms will give you the best custom Facebook covers for a fee.

1. Fiverr : Fiverr is where every standard job is charged $5, You can get a lot of professionals, just select any seller that you fancy based on the samples they provide, message the person and describe to the person what type of design you want to be done, give some customization tools like picture to work with if you want, pay him or her and have your design delivered.
You have as many revisions as you want, and don’t worry the money you pay the seller is held by the platform, so if you not satisfied you can simply request a refund (with evidence of wrongdoing of course.)
2. Upwork: This is another platform to get your Facebook covers done, like Fiverr, you’ll have to pay a seller to design for you, but unlike Fiverr the amount is not fixed.
I’m sure there might be other avenues to get this Facebook covers, but when it comes to quality plus uniqueness, nothing beats these ones I’ve just outlined here.

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