How To Install Minecraft For Free On Mac PC

Minecraft is a game most gamers can’t get over, once you’ve had a taste of what it is, you will still need more. 

It is a game that is both amazing and addictive at the same time, but then all good things come with a cost. Either monetary cost or other cost that requires you to sacrifice something you might or not have, because the producers, in this case Minecraft management got to eat. So in other to enjoy the full Minecraft gaming experience on your Mac PC you have to pay them.

It is no problem if you have the money, but it becomes a problem if you don’t have the money, so naturally it means you can’t play Minecraft on you’re Mac. 

Officially you can’t, but unofficially you can, here is how to download free Minecraft games to your Mac personal computer.

1. First step is to download the the trial version or pre-release of the version you want. This is important as you’ll need to taste the waters before diving in.

Just locate any Minecraft version you like, go to cNet or softtonic, even google search the trial version or preview/demo, download and play if you like that version proceed to find the full Minecraft game for your Mac.
How To Install Minecraft For Free On Mac PC
2. There are ways to do this, which might be frustrating at times but worth it at last. Again you’ll have to make use of Google or Yahoo as I won’t be linking directly to such sites because it is not proper

3. So do a search for whatever version of Minecraft you need adding the world Torrent at the end or beginning. 

You’ll see so many results that you’ll be spoil for choice. But be  careful some of the files contain virus or malware, always do a scan before installing. 

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