How to Minimize Zoom CPU Usage

Zoom is one of the best video conferencing and meeting applications currently available. Zoom app is made specifically for virtual conferences, virtual meetings, webinars, you know any situation that doesn’t involve the participants being physically present, rather you can hook up with your electronic gadgets such as a tablet, phone, or computer.

But sometimes Zoom eats up the CPU of a computer, sometimes it becomes too high that you’ll receive a warning, most users may quickly close Zoom or restart their system to solve this problem, it might work initially but after some time it will be back to business as usual. So here is how to fix this problem to enable continue your meeting

Reduce CPU usage of zoom

To reduce CPU usage of zoom, open up your CPU monitor on your Windows computer and check how much the Zoom app is eating your resources. To open up Zoom monitor on Windows 10, Windows 8 and 8.1, and Windows 7 by using this shortcut.

Ctrl + Alt + Delete or

How to Minimize Zoom CPU Usage
the keyboard shortcut for task manager on windows 10

CTRL + Shift + Esc

Select task manager

How to Minimize Zoom CPU Usage
task manager
  • Select the process and locate the Zoom app
  • Right-click on the zoom app and go-to details
  • On the details page with Zoom highlighted
  • Select priority ✓ Now decrease the priority of Zoom to either normal or below normal. Do the same for affinity.

Minimize the task manager and continue doing what you’re doing, no problem will too much CPU on the Zoom app, you just have to keep an eye on other applications on your computer.


You can watch this video if you prefer the visual step by step.

This will reduce your Zoom’s CPU usage so that your meeting or virtual conference will run smoothly, decently, and orderly.

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