JW.ORG Android Tools You Must Have Updated

JW.ORG Android Tools You Must Have Updated

Let’s talk about the ministry and how we can improve further with these tools. For any problem/difficulty comment and we will help you out. These apps have all been approved by the Google play store.


1. JW library

The first thing you need to install on your Android phone, forget WhatsApp forget face book, JW library is the real deal. Here is why you need this app

  • – Daily text at your fingertips
    – Meeting workbook for each month
    – Answers to midweek meetings especially Digging for spiritual gems.
    – Watchtower
    – Videos, Audios, songs, convention programs and releases.
    – JW broadcast videos. Etc

Hack: you can get any scriptural quotation you want, by simply searching with the keywords on JW library app under Bible. For eg I want to get the quotation “this scripture is inspired of God and beneficial for teaching..” I just type that boom straight to 2 tim 3:16.

Download from play store

2. JW News(no longer available)

3. Kingdom Bible Quiz (JW Bible quiz game)

If you think you know Bible, or you just want to improve in the knowledge of bible, you need this game, forget all other useless game download and play this game.

If you have a child you can keep him or her busy playing this game.

Download on play store Download from play store  

Kingdom Bible Quiz game is a Christian game for both children and adult. For every religion or church especially Jehovah’s witnesses, and other denominations.

There are various levels to this KBQ game. It also has battle game mode for playing with other players around the world.

You can either login with Facebook or Google or play as a guest.

The game has various options to help you navigate successful throughout the game period.

Ask the audience and
Knock out incorrect options.

4. JW language app

You need to learn another language? This app is for you. It can help you learn the language that reaches the heart in your territories.

Download from play store

If you do have problem with any of this app especially jw library comment, we will all help you out.



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