Simple Way To Post To Many Facebook Groups At Once In One Click

As a serious FB user who likes to share important information with as many people as possible via groups which are the best places that has lots of real people, posting to all the groups can sometimes be a daunting tast, because of this your information ends up for only a small percentage to read and act. You need to make sure they receive it and on time too. Time sensitive informations are best passed using this means.

Moreso we appreciate as net surfers we don’t actually have the luxuary of time to spend doing some time wasting stuffs. Yes whether you do believe it or not Facebook is the biggest threat to Net browser’s time management. So whether you’re a blogger, an internet marketer or just a plain Facebook user you should be weary of the time you spend on FB online. Tweak it to suit your time budget, which ultimatly means you’ve to take advantage of every time saving tutorials you can find.

We all agree that one of the biggest time sapping feature on Facebook is its groups. We may have joined a lot of groups on FB, but how many of those have we posted on? How many have we updated? How many have we made our presence felt? Well I know it may probably be only a handful, reason? No time to navigate around, find and post on the groups one by one. If you do try it you’d find out that you’ll get bored halfway through. So whether you are on the Net to make money online, or you need to drive traffic to your blog or you just want to update all your joined groups at the same time, then this tutorial is for you.

What you’ll need & do

1. Groups username or email address
2. You must have joined all the groups you want to post to
3. Your computer’s notepad or any other text editor or clipboard.

3 easy steps to post to multiple FB groups at the same time

Step 1: Obtain groups IDs Go to each target group and obtain its ID, the IDs are either its email address (usually in most cases added by the group admin in info) or the username found on your browser tab. Incase you didn’t find the email address get the username.

Step 2: Copy and paste Once you have either the username or the email address, affix it to such that it’ll look like this “[email protected], see below image Facebook one click to muliple groups do this for other target groups and copy them together on your notepad seperating them with commas.

Step 3: Open your Email Open the address you used to open your Facebook account go to compose and past all the group IDs you compiled into BCC text field. Compose your post with either text, images and links (url) or all, and send it. Now check those groups you’ll see the magic! Your post will appear in all.

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