Simple Way To View Private Instagram Photos and Profiles

Simple Way To View Private Instagram Photos and Profiles Legally
Latest update: Please see the truth about how to view private Instagram profiles as most of these tools and steps are no longer working.

Update 2: There is this online site that can do this for you hurry before this one closes too, you’ll meet these annoying adverts ignore and continue Here

Instagram which perhaps is the world’s largest online photo showy and sharing website has a seemingly small bug, a bug that’s small in size but big enough to allow some “know” people i.e people that know the way to view pictures and profiles that are locked by their owners. This is not just possible it is a fact provided you follow every detail as it is, then you’ll do just fine.

It’s one thing to view photos on social networks like Facebook, Twitter Google plus, etc, it’s another to view private or hidden ones, especially on Instagram. For a clearer understanding Private, hidden or locked pictures and profiles are photos that can’t be seen without authorization, in the case of pictures that are not viewable by anyone except the owner, this applies also to private profiles, which are collections of the person’s personal information. Both are not meant to be seen by anyone except the owner. They are like a wind, you can’t see them but you can feel them you know they exist, except perhaps you can see this one if you put your mind to it

Here are the few things you need to know before proceeding :

Why Private Photos?

Why do most people lock their pictures, and why do they change their privacy settings to private? These questions are all answered by human characters, people love hiding their Instagram photos from the public especially when those photos are not decent, or fall below their expectations. Celebs like music star Kanye West for instance are all on Instagram but they can’t risk some scandalous photos so they make them private


Others simply derive joy from frustrating their followers by closing them, which they think is fun.

Why do you want to view private photos?

The best judge should be you as the one reading this, but however, there are a lot of common things, common connections that characterized people who want to view Instagram’s hidden images, this is curiosity. Curious to know what’s inside that pic, what’s my friend hiding, why isn’t the photo displayed etc.

Steps to view Instagram pictures

This tutorial is in steps for easier understanding
1. You’ve to know You first have to know the Twitter username of your target. Once that is down, move on to the next step.
2. Visit You’ve to visit another website to convert the Twitter username, allowing you to view your target’s picture.
Go here as the other is no longer working, this is a new tool, and the old one has been blocked by Instagram.

3. Finalize Once you are there paste the person’s Twitter name and click submit.

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6 Simple Steps To View Private Instagram Profiles

Note: You may have to go through a survey or something like that, which won’t take many seconds. There is a way to view these photos and everything closed on Instagram without even using Twitter usernames, unfortunately, I can’t post it here, well it’s not entirely legal.

Is this really Legal?

To understand this you need to know what legality in a broader sense really means, I’m not a lawyer but I know some kinds of stuff. Something is said to be legal if it’s generally accepted by the majority, not really permitted by law as people make laws. Just because one doesn’t want you to view his or her photos doesn’t mean you can’t. After all, the person is only one, while those who are interested in viewing those closed pictures are many.

The fact is people who make their photos private are in the minority while those who want them public are in majority. Ultimately it all depends on discernment, use discernment to make it secret, don’t let your target know, or else there may be trouble. The best form of legality is secrecy.

Know of another way to view private Instagram photos? I’d be happy to hear it, as I don’t know everything, you can share your knowledge with us.

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Update It seems the owner got greedy and decided to double the surveys on that site, hence some are finding it pretty difficult, bear with me and stick around, as I attempt to find another way or method around it. Everything I believe is possible only difficult!

There was a walk around in this space earlier, but sadly I’ve been asked to take it down, so people won’t see it, until they find another way to patch it up. That method to view private Instagram pictures is not legal hence we agreed to take it down.


– Use a third party

There is a current app called Instaunlocker, you have to fill out a survey to access the app after which you get limited use of this app, then you pay for a lifetime or annual access.

Many of the above methods has since stopped working, it was good while it lasted stay tuned for any update.



  1. Sorry it seems the owner got greedy and decided to double the surveys, I'l have to find another way around this, meanwhile I'll put up a notice.

  2. fake

    d only way to see private users profile is

    sign up for a fake account
    name of a girl

    a beautiful dp

    and send them d follow request

    thts all

  3. I agree, to view private instagram profiles you need to send follow request. So if doesnt work for you visit, they can help you

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