The Truth: How To View Private Instagram Profiles

update: Try the underground internet

If you have the means you can try underground hackers, these ones don’t make their work public, they are quite difficult to pin down. Officially this group does not exist. The only downside of this group of hackers is it takes days for you to get private pictures and even personal conversation. At least they are better than these online view tools.

One of such underground hackêrs is DEM, they can get you to want. The only downside of this is the only official way of contacting them is through their email. Send them an email on to get started. ends


Over the years we have published articles about how to view private Instagram profiles, we may even have referenced some tools that people are fond of talking about. Without really investigating. But this is the moment of truth.

Here is how you can view private Instagram profiles without having to pass through surveys. No stupid surveys, no endless form fillings, no jumping from one website to another, you don’t even have to waste time. Also, you don’t even need to follow the person you want to see his or her private Instagram profile, though being a follower makes the job easier, it is not a requirement.

Those are words of many top online tools that claim to do this.  What are the fact, truth, and the lie?

Well, there are many tools out there that claim to get you what you want, they might have worked in the early days but now they don’t, as most of these tools have been blocked. The best you can hope for is some secret guys that hold their methods to their chest. Again such a thing is harder to come to buy as most of these brilliant hackers will prefer to go after something else.

Today they are currently tools claiming to make these work such as


This online tool claims to help in finding out private Instagram profiles. They say they make it easy to view anyone’s private profiles. You only need the username of that person.
They even have an option to download private data.

Does Instaspy work?

Well, I followed it through, here is what I found out.
  • Instaspy is seemingly legit
  • It is safe but may not be completely harmless
  • When it comes to viewing profile contents like Instagram pictures, post, likes and comments it works.
  • When it comes to viewing really private profiles, it doesn’t work.
Recommendation: If what you want to view is public profiles you can try these, if it is private you’re looking for sorry Instaspy can’t help you.


Same thing with the above it does the same thing with Instaspy.


Does Instaviewy work?

Here is what I found out about them
  • Instaviewy is full of surveys.
  • It is safe but may not be completely harmless
  • When it comes to viewing Instagram accounts contents like Instagram pictures, post, likes and comments sometimes it works(depending on the suryes).
  • When it comes to viewing really private profiles, it doesn’t work.
Recommendation: Like above if what you want to view is public profiles you can try these, if it is private you’re looking for sorry Instaspy can’t help you.

Insta Stalker

A new tool to join the rest, this tool does not claim to view private Instagram accounts.
And yes they don’t and cant.

If public Instagram viewer tools are fake why this?

Public tools may be fake but most private tools may work, there are people in various online forums like Reddit, that claimed they’ve found a loophole to use against Instagram. We don’t know if it is true or false, but there are some positive testimonies from people who they’ve helped. Again it might part of the plan or not.
The Truth: How To View Private Instagram Profiles
Instaspy before survey
But the real truth which I’m sure of is that the public tools online or not are dead. As for contacting private individuals that claim they can unlock these private profiles well we can’t confirm that, just take their claims as it is, don’t trust in it 100%.

How does this private method work?

This is how they operate
A freemium service, you get to donate any amount from as little as $10 upwards.
This is a team of dedicated internet breakers who raise money for a cause by offering their skills to a non too harmful use.
Once they gain access to the account you’ll be handed over the account to view.
When you get access to the unlocked private Instagram profile you only have about 7 minutes before you are locked out.
If you are willing to donate you’ll only need the following


Is There A Way To View Private Instagram Profiles?

  • The username (link) of the Instagram account
  •  Any of the person’s follower who has at least 10 followers or exactly 8 followers.
  • You should follow the person (not a must but will certainly make the job faster, with a followed you can get a result in just 8 hours )
What you dont want to donate, but still need to see the private Instagram profiles
To appear real they have made provision to people that don’t want to part with money. They say  if you don’t want to donate but will like this service no problem,
You can use the service to get the result for only one Instagram profile, if in future you’ll like to view other Instagram profiles you’ll need to donate. Also, you’ll have to wait approximately 10 days before you stop the result because of backloading.
If you are interest to ed to start by emailing them at this email along with the requirements above.

Are this private method and tools real?

I can not say for sure if it is real or not, as I have not personally tried this, I have no reason to. If you want to try this method you have to do your due diligence first, as to them some important questions so that you can know the true nature of their services.


Is nethelpblog endorsing this Instagram viewer tool?

No, we don’t, as we haven’t tried this before. You can try it at your own risk.
But I don’t think Instagram is that porous or vulnerable to being exploited like this. Though to keep an open mind any thing can be hacked, even Facebook was hacked recently.

So there is no way to view Instagram profiles which are private?

To the best of my knowledge no. If you see any one that works please you can tell me, I’ll investgate and report back to you.

Summary on how to view private Instagram accounts and profiles

To summarize this, the various online tools we found and tested are no longer working, they are out and dead. They might have worked in the past but right now they are dead. The ones remaining are a den of adverts, surveys, and various pop-ups or pop-unders.




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