Top 7 Clash of Clan Facebook Pages And Groups

Top 7 Clash of Clan Facebook Pages And Groups

Top 7 Clash of Clan Facebook Pages And Groups

Super game developed by Supercell, the game Clash of Clans is here to stay when this game came out from Finland they didn’t know that it will become a hit. Now this online game is being played by lots of people.

There are supporting structures to make this game more interesting, such supporting structures are many numerous pages, forums, and groups created to help . Clashers get Elixir, gems, and tips on how to train their troops and better protect their clans.

1. Clash of Clans First on the list is the official Clash of Clan Facebook page. This page has many likes, in fact, 10m people to be precise, this page is also very active you can ask a question get your answer.

2. Lost Phoenix Clash of Clans Lost Phoenix Clash of Clans is another Clash of Clans Facebook pages that are focused on helping Clash of  Clans gamers, the page has more than 10k likes. The downside of this page is its members are not that active as mostly links to their Youtube videos are shared here. But there are lots of engagements on their Youtube channel.

3. Clash of Clans Recruitment Page This 6000 strong page does what its name says it does. It’s a place for recruitment. Even other Clashers uses that page to advertise their clans and find members.

4. Clash of Clans Tool This page is mainly dedicated to sharing tutorials that will help clashers get free gems, gold, and elixir which thus makes their gaming easy. It’s a 71k page so there will be many active clashers to interact with.

5. Clash of Clans Tactics This page shares some tutorial from time to time about how you can improve your tactics. Because this game is all about tactics this 21k page will come handy.

Clash of Clans Facebook groups

6. Clash of Clans Warrior s Group This is a closed group so your getting in is at the mercy of the moderator who might require insurance of some sort before letting you in. This group is 9000 strong.

7. Clash of clans Community This also a closed group with 4000 members. Because it’s a closed group you’ve to knock and enter to see what is done there.

Although there are many other groups and pages that are connected to this game, I only featured the ones that have worldwide appeal. For example, there are many Clash of clan facebook pages and groups that are country specific like the ones for the USA, Indonesia, India, China, Pakistan etc. Happy clashing clashers!

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