5 Top Craigslist Alternatives For Adults 2019

5 Top Craigslist Alternatives For Adults 2019

Top Craigslist Alternatives For Adults

If you need Craiglist alternatives for adults, here it is. Today I’ll highlight the top sites or platforms that can serve you. Give you what you want so to speak. 

Craigslist is quite popular being that it is one of the top websites where users list what they want in the proper segment. They are gone now just like many houses in the Game of Thrones movie. Craigslist may have gone, but they are not out. As you can get many things that make them thick on other platforms.

You just need to know where to look, if you know where to look I’m sure you’ll get what you want. And for Craigslist personals this is the right place. 

So don’t give up hope yet as they are websites that can do the job for these websites are free to use, they have some have millions of users others thousands, but they all have heavy user base so you won’t lack people to meet, chat or call. 

Listing is free except for the job listing segment. Craigslist has many segments, but what it lacks is the site dedicated to adults, they used to have something close to that but now they don’t.

So I came up with Craigslist alternatives for adults. These alternatives should be similar to Craigslist. So there is an alternative you can use, let us look at the top alternatives.

Top Craigslist Alternatives For Adults

1. Reddit

You might not know these but you can actually meet with many people on Reddit, people that won’t mind coming over if you guys agree on a date.

Top on this list is Reddit, many don’t know that you can get a woman or man for dates or casual encounters on Reddit. 

If you don’t know Reddit is one of the most popular social networking platforms in the world, with a twist. What other platforms like Facebook, Twitter and others have, Reddit has an equivalent. In place of Facebook groups, Reddit has subreddit. There is a subreddit for everything.

There are thousands of this subreddit scattered around the platform, each one catering to different people, different communities with different interest, including the ones which serve as an alternative to Craigslist when it comes to casual encounters. 

There are subreddits for finding Craiglist personal for adults.

Reddit Subreddit for craigslist alternatives for Adults

Here are the subreddits you can use.

i. Reddit Singles This is specifically for the Boston community in the United States, you can talk with many people, if you two agree you can set up a meeting on a location you agree.

Though the primary members here are based in Boston, other members are from many countries, though many of them are somehow connected to Boston.

ii. Reddit hookups This subreddit for people all over the world who care for hook up, or just ordinary chat. If you do your thing well you can end up getting the maximum pleasure from this subreddit.

2. Zoosk 

Zoosk is for people interested in each other, you get to choose any gender you like. It works like a dating site except that interest is the first thing Zoosk uses.

5 Top Craigslist Alternatives For Adult

Zoosk can be used for 

  • Browsing pictures of local singles, flirt online and chat with people.
  • Match with daters, and chat.
  • Serve as an alernative for Craigslist for adults.
  • Has a large userbase. Zoosk is in 25 languages and in more than 80 countries.

3. Badoo 

With over 7 million subscribers, both male and female in many countries crisscrossing many continents of the world. You are spoilt for choice, you can find many people in your country, area city or even street.

Badoo basically does the same thing with Zoosk. 

  • You get to meet new people from different genders
  • With a large user base you are sure of seeing some one you like.

4. Blackpeoplemeet 

5 Top Craigslist Alternatives For Adult
Just like the name suggests it is for black people. It has lots of blacks behind it. 

Blackpeopleneet is online platform for African American dating. You can easily register and start meeting hansome black men and beautiful black women.
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To meet black men or black women in your areabecomes easy wth this platform.

Christian mingle This is for Adult Christians who want to meet Christians, for a relationship and possibly for marriage.

If you are a Christian or you are looking for a Christian then you need to visit this website. As they claim to have 90 percent of Christians registered on ther platform.

There are other craiglist forums for Adults to meet and form a nice relationship. But the above mentioned ones are top on the list.


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