Top Sites To Get Paid For Your Instagram Posts

Are you on Instagram? Do you have lots of targeted followers? Do you want to make money with your Instagram account? I know you do that is why you searched for this article. 
Top Sites To Get Paid For Your Instagram Posts
Well I’m going to answer the above question and more, at the end you are certain to make money, provided you have the followings
– An active Instagram account with lots of targeted followers. Targeted in this case means from top counties like US, Canada, UK, Australia etc.
Other countries can work, but you might certainly take longer to reach payout.
– Willing to follow instructions, the instructions are pretty simple, you are not even required to have any startup capital, apart from perhaps an internet subscription, which I believe you already have.
Getting paid to post in this context means you get paid a certain amount of money and then you are given a post usually an advert to post for your followers to see.
To get paid to post you need to find sponsors, brands or individuals that are willing to pay for your services. Normally if you have an Instagram account with lots of followers you may have been contacted directly. 
But then why wait for them when you can get to them quickly.
When it comes to getting to them, there are top sites that pay you to post on your Instagram account.
Which are 
2. Popular pays  
3. Snapwi 
Good luck and happy earnings.

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