Write And Earn Revenue Sharing Sites That Pays You to Write

When it comes to making money online earning extra cash to support yourself or earning big to be considered fairly rich, one of the ways to achieve that is by making use of this revenue writing sites.

This write and earn approach requires no capital to start up, you just pick up your Laptop select which sites you want to work with and off you go smiling to the the bank. In order to make it you’ve to know what this revenue sharing sites are all about when it come to article writing, how so?

What are Revenue sharing sites?

Write and earn sites as they are popularly called are websites that shares their revenues with their members, usually their revenue are generated through adverts, there what you write, how much you write is equivalent to how much you earn.

How Revenue sharing sites works

You chose the ones you like based on the reviews, it’s important you read their reviews as this will help you avoid mistakes and spend time creating articles instead. Also it’ll save you the headache of being scammed and it will help you know how to withdraw your money.

After you’ve registered, you then start writing articles, your written articles are published on their websites if they meet certain standards (that’s why it’s important you read their reviews and also their TOS). Then adverts will be placed on your articles, any amount your articles generates will be divided based on the ratio of that sites revenue sharing formular, generally most sites share 60-40% or 50-50, it may be higher or lower in most sites.

List of Revenue sharing sites

This is a list of sites that’ll help you earn money by writing articles for them.

1. Squiddo
2. For Hubpages review read Hubpages
3. Infobarrel
4. Bubblews
5. About.com
6. Triod
7. Flexya.com
8. Helium

They’re many others too but this are the top ones, that pays. However it’s important to know that nothing comes on a platter if you want somethng you’ve to work towards it.

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