2 Easy Ways To Delete Facebook Account Without Logging In

Here are ways to delete your Facebook account without login. Yes you don’t need logging in to your account for you to that, as this three ways will take care of thus for you when you act that is.
This will work provided the account you want to delete is yours. If it isn’t you better hands off because this is very tricky, if the account you want to delete is not yours or you don’t have permission to delete it, 90% chance you’ll not make it, at worse FB may take legal action against you.

1. When you don’t know either your password or username/email address or phone number.

Just to be sure we go the easy way first. If you don’t have any of the above then move on to the second. If you know the email address, username or phone number you used when you opened the account, it becomes easier.
– Go to Facebook.com and click forgot password, a page opens where you’ll be asked to input either your Name, Email address or phone number.
– Your reset links and procedure will be sent to this places, depending on the one you entered.
From there you can delete your account. But the biggest problem you might have using this method is maybe your inability to access your email address or phone number, in this case you’re left with no recovery medium.
Then move to the next step.

2. Delete account without Username Password and Email

This is possible if you can see the  targeted account on Facebook, (either as a friend or the account is set to public) go the account’s Timeline.
– Then click on the ellipsis that the 3 dots icon at lower right of the Cover Photo and select ‘Report’, in the window that opens next, check the item ‘Recover or close this account’ and continue to the next window.
You will have to ‘pass through some hurdles’ to verify that the account is yours. The verification procedures in this case is account based. That is each account is different from the other, so I can’t say exactly what you’ll face.

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