6 Best Free Multiplayer Online Games With No Download

Online Multiplayer Games are those games that are played over the internet with perhaps other players from all over the world. The main thing that make this sort of games thick, that is multiplayer games possible is the internet. Unlike the offline console games which requires gaming pads with no internet connections, online games are played through the Net.

Lets see the top based economy. There are four more planets in the Entropia Universe, all connected with space travel. This planet is centered on treasure hunting. – A lot of dollars can be gotten through mining. Planet Arkadia has a rich history and many dangerous zones populated by the first inhabitants, the Oratan, who definitely aeven multiplayer browser/online games without downloads, you get to play them on net.

 1. Planet Arkadia Planet Arkadia is the fourth planet of a fictional universe named Entropia, an MMORPG with a monren’t well- disposed toward human colonists. This game has a steep learning curve and leveling is skill-based like in Elder Scrolls. The Entropia Universe can be discouraging for newcomers, especially non-paying ones. However, the game’s social features, the vast and beautiful world, the great detail and community spirit make playing Planet Arkadia a remarkable experience.

2. Drakensang OnlineHas an amazing 3D graphics and effects. The story is Epic with many quests. This game is a free to play 3D action RPG that allows you to customize your character, skills and magic powers like never before, you can join your comrades to wage a war against evil. In the game world, you’ll find amazing picturesque medieval towns, green forests, murky swamps and dark caves, In addition to its two selectable character classes, Drankensang Online has many variety of different character skills, exciting and challenging quests, an impressive armory of weapons and magic, and over 100 hours of gaming content. 3. Stormfall: Age of War The mystical lands of Darkshine are in chaos, as what is left of what was once a legendary empire known as Stormfall is in a perpetual state of territorial conquer. You have been selected as the mightiest and most capable champion to conquer and reunite the empire evil. This game is in 2D 

 4. Arcane legends At the beginning of this game players will choose from one of three characters including the Warrior, Rogue, and Sorcerer. As players progress, each of these characters will unlock multiple abilities which can be specialized in order to customize a players preferred play style and spell choice. There are no automatic attacks in Arcane Legends. It uses a more action RPG system whereby players must tap or hold the attack button in order to perform a series of fast attacks or a single more powerful charged attack. Players will also be able to choose a pet at the start of the game, which follows the player around and comes with their own unique powers and abilities. Players won’t have to collect their own dropped loot as their pet will do so for them. The game has more than 40 unique pets for players to collect throughout their mission.

5. League of Angels League of Angels is a fantasy multiplayer game that casts players into a turbulent world with the forces of evil, on a quest to save a hierarchy of beautiful angels. This turn based MMO has players in search of gold and equipment in order to increase their hero and parties over-all strength, rallying power to use on their holy quest. Better equipment can be found through question and also special events. 

 6. Call of Gods This is a browser-based MMORTS which was developed by Aeria Games. Players are tasked with building castles and exploring dungeons, players choose from one of three races – human, elves, and undead, to conquer the landscape. Each race comes with it different skills. As wars among the Gods rage on, players take on the role as a Lord and recruit talented heroes to fight on their behalf; heroes will accompany them around and learn various spells and fighting skills. Construct fortresses, explore dungeons and battle with other players as they stake claim as the new Lord of the world.

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