How To Access Full Websites On iPhone iOS

We let our browser lie in other to view any website fully, how so? To see full websites on a mobile device, especially on an iPhone you need to take some few simple steps. Is nothing much, you basically have to manipulate your iPhone browser to visit the website as a desktop browser or a as a pc, this will thus make it possible for the desktop version of many websites to be displayed.
Because our browser’s behavior at this point is just like a typical computer.
When this is done rightly, you can be able to access the full desktop versions of up to 80% of websites in the world wide web, the remaining percentages of site may display partially or if it is a stubborn site the mobile version will still show.
It is so unfortunate that mobile Safari can’t do this no matter how you tweak it, maybe it is an integrity issue where they made Safari as a surfer that can’t tell a lie. Well Safari can move off, there are other browsers to do what we need it to do. So, based on this, browsers like mercury agent and Atomic browsers can do this.
This Third-party browsers the Mercury web browser and the paid Atomic web browser have the ability to disguise themselves as different kinds of browsers. 
How To Access Full Websites On iPhone iOS
Once you have the required requirement here is what you should do for each
– Simply tap on Settings
– Select User Agent , and choose one of the other offered agents example the OS X version Safari.
Meanwhile before you use the above method, you should use this method first, whenever you visit a website with your iPhone look around the site you might see where you need to click to access the full website, such as ‘switch to full website’ ‘switch to desktop version’ etc, this is usually located at the header or footer of most website, so you should scroll all the way down.
Now you’ve succeeded in visiting a site by telling it a lie, no problem just be careful what you wish for as you might be confused when viewing a desktop website as on such a  small screen like your iPhone every thing will certainly not seem right. I suggest you just do what you want to do and switch back.

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