Top Practical LG G4 Secret Codes And Menu

Top Practical LG G4 Secret Codes And Menu

Phone Technicians are frowning, they are not happy, but they may as well cry because it is out of their hands, the secret codes are out and they are out forever.

Every smartphone have secret codes, including the LG G4. If you’re new to this and you don’t know what secret codes are used, you should best read up. The LG G4 secret codes are used to do a lot things, reset your LG phone, monitor network, modify factory settings etc. This basically includes tools meant to test whether the device’s hardware components, including its screen, buttons, motor, and wireless radios, are working properly, and in most cases fix them.

To access this codes and menu do the following

  1. – open your dialer and type 277634#*# a menu opens
  2. – Once you’re in this menu you can do a lot of things for example in Device Test you’ll be able to test many of the hardware components inside your handset, including its cameras, sensors and radios. 
  3. – ELT Test holds another set of hardware tests for the phone’s LCD screen, camera, microphones, and speaker. 
  4. – Field Test is where various network settings and bits of information related to connectivity features is found.
There are a lot things you can do in the secret menu, aside from those mentioned. If you’ve forgotten the steps to access your LG G4 secret menu here is a recap dial the above code in step 1, this gives you access to the secret menu, where you’re can do those amazing things mentioned earlier.

Congratulation! You’re now a geek and you’ve added to the anger of phone Techs as your trip to the Techs office will be greatly reduced. BUT be careful this secret codes can hurt your LG G4 smartphone if you don’t know what you’re doing.

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