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Major Samsung Galaxy S3 Secret Codes and Functions

This is a list of major Samsung S3 smartphones that will help you fix your phones in case of malfunction, with this codes you really need a top tech to repair your S3 for you, you don’t

11 Practical Motorola Moto G Secret Codes

In case you haven’t noticed the latest secret codes for Motorola Moto G are out. The hidden codes rocks for the one smartphone that never dies, it has even outlived Nokia, though Nokia is making a come back.The

20 Tested HTC One Secret And Hidden Codes

You don’t need to visit any Phone Tech to use your HTC One to the full, infact you don’t even need to be Techy or a Geek. If this is your first time of seeing this codes,

18 Tested Nexus 4 Secret And Hidden Codes

Nexus four also known by its codename Marko and just like its name, is the fourth smartphone in the Google Nexus series. Co-produced by LG Electronics and Google, the Nexus 4 runs on the Android platform. October

Top Practical LG G4 Secret Codes And Menu

Phone Technicians are frowning, they are not happy, but they may as well cry because it is out of their hands, the secret codes are out and they are out forever. Every smartphone have secret codes, including

Tested Nexus S Secret And Hidden Codes

The Nexus S is a smartphone that’s developed by Google along with Electronic giant Samsung as a predcessor to the Nexus one smartphone. It runs on the Android operating system and has Android 2.3 Gingerbread version which

List Of Practical Nexus One Secret And Hidden Codes

The Nexus One, which is also known as HTC passon is a device developed by Google and produced by HTC. The Google Nexus One became available on 5th of January, 2010. It’s main features are the ability

Top Secret Mobile Phone Codes For Nokia Feature

This seemingly secret codes are hot, you don’t just input them you command your phone. Wether you want to check out the expiring or manufacture date of your Nokia phone, or simply want to unblock you phone

Top Pratical Blackberry Bold 9200 BB Touch Secret and Hidden Codes

With the recent BBM being made available to some other mobile device, BB now comes with another shocker it’s secret codes has been rolled out abeit unwillingly. The Blackberry mobile device is one phone that is always