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18 Tested Nexus 4 Secret And Hidden Codes

Nexus four also known by its codename Marko and just like its name, is the fourth smartphone in the Google Nexus series. Co-produced by LG Electronics and Google, the Nexus 4 runs on the Android platform. October

Tested Nexus S Secret And Hidden Codes

The Nexus S is a smartphone that’s developed by Google along with Electronic giant Samsung as a predcessor to the Nexus one smartphone. It runs on the Android operating system and has Android 2.3 Gingerbread version which

List Of Practical Nexus One Secret And Hidden Codes

The Nexus One, which is also known as HTC passon is a device developed by Google and produced by HTC. The Google Nexus One became available on 5th of January, 2010. It’s main features are the ability