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Samsung Fault Detecting and Repairing Codes

This is a list of codes for Samsung devices especially the older Samsung phones like Samsung gt 19300, Samsung gt 19082 or even some recent smartphones. Or is the brand known for high end smartphones only.  What

Whatsapp Peperonity Badoo 2go Eskimi and Nimbuzz must Know

Many of us know and use this three social networking platforms i.e Eskimi, Whatsapp, 2go and Badoo, yet some of us don’t really about it when I mean know I mean knowing it inside out. Now let’s

How To Find And Add Girls With Facebook Girls App

There is a new app that allows Facebook users to find and add friends, especially girls. With this app, you stand no risk of getting banned for too much adding as it adds them automatically. You only

Affordable Cheep Android Tablet Phones Tecno Alternatives

True there is a difference between a Tablet and Smartphone, considering that Tecno Tabs are rare this also doubles as why you should ditch Tecno and use Tablets. Is it’s price a deterrent? Well, surprise! Tablets are

The Secret And Hidden Codes Of Sony Xperia Smartphones

The Sony Xperia is one powerful smartphone that is built on a solid Android platform, it has lots of functionality amongst them is this secret codes, which when inputted will bring out all the hidden engineer-only menus

List of Major SMS Carrier Gateway Domain Email Addresses

Carrier gateways are very important, it’s just not because it is used for the web to SMS or sending short messages to phone numbers, no they are many uses of this domain gateways. Sending messages from web

Review Of Asphalt 6 Adrenaline Game and hidden codes

photo credit FbAsphalt a game popular among feature and smartphone users, is a must play the game, but what happens if you can’t move up to a particular level and you’re still stuck on one? Will it

Major Samsung Galaxy S3 Secret Codes and Functions

This is a list of major Samsung S3 smartphones that will help you fix your phones in case of malfunction, with this codes you really need a top tech to repair your S3 for you, you don’t

3 Hidden Ways To Use Tinder App Without Facebook

Sometimes dating, social life and business profiles don’t mix, everything should be kept in its place. For many there is no benefit in mixing business with pleasure if you know what you want you’ll need to separate

11 Practical Motorola Moto G Secret Codes

In case you haven’t noticed the latest secret codes for Motorola Moto G are out. The hidden codes rocks for the one smartphone that never dies, it has even outlived Nokia, though Nokia is making a come back.The