Samsung Fault Detecting and Repairing Codes

Samsung Fault Detecting and Repairing Codes

samsung gt 19082 codes

This is a list of codes for Samsung devices especially the older Samsung phones like Samsung gt 19300, Samsung gt 19082 or even some recent smartphones.

Or is the brand known for high end smartphones only.  What happens if your phone stops doing what phones are programmed to do? no doubt it is not a phone an longer. So you have to fix it. You can even fix it yourself without going to a phone repair technician, just use this codes listed here as the are capable of fixing some major software faults on our smartphone.

It’s interesting to note that most of the faults that are common to phones especially Samsung phones can be repired when they developed those faults. This mobile resource codes will help you with fixing all your Samsung devices however note that in order to work the fault has to be a software fault.

Software version and secret menu code dial *#9999# and send

  1. For continues vibration dial *#9998842# send
  2. For correct dark screen dial *#0523#
  3. For Net Monitor fault detector *#0324# and send
  4. For Samsung Phone Unlocking code dial 0000 (four-zeros). For memory search dial *#0377# or dial #0246 send
  5. For IME code *#06#
  6. For Samsung voltage battery and whether Temperature *#0228# Regulate high temperature.
  7. Solving barring problem dial #330*000#ok
  8. Universal code for cancelling voice mail ##002# and send. Samsung unlock code *#2767*2878#                                     For Nokia read  Nokia fault detecting and fixing codes

You should be careful when using these codes as they can damage your phone, so use the codes with care.

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