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Samsung Fault Detecting and Repairing Codes

This is a list of codes for Samsung devices especially the older Samsung phones like Samsung gt 19300, Samsung gt 19082 or even some recent smartphones. Or is the brand known for high end smartphones only.  What

How To Fix Earpiece and Mouthpiece Problems on Phones

Earpiece and Mouthpiece Problem Explained Earpiece.This is when you can’t hear anything on your handset either when you receive a call or when you make calls. It’s as if your phone is dumb calls can’t be answered

Review of Real Football Game Hidden Codes and Tricks

Real Football An Overview Description Real Football is an exciting mobile game for phones! Join David Villa, Messi, C. Ronaldo and others, to enjoy the best simulation on mobile.With improved graphics and animations, cleaner menus and many

70 Men And Women That Could Become Batman With Technology

There are people out there that are potential batmen and women on Earth, they can become this comic hero in real life because they are qualified. To be a real life Batman one will need the following

Care For Your Gadgets How I Kept My Phone In Good Health For Long

I’ve noticed a trend which is not so good depending on how you look at it, some do change their phones almost every month or every year. Does it mean one can’t use a phone for 3

Best Internet Phone Browsers

Facts has shown that the number of phone users far out numbers the number of computer users, and the greater number of those are hooked on the Internet with their phones. Whether is a smartphone or a

What Makes A Phone A Phone

Which phone are you using right now? A Feature phone a Smartphone or a Dumb phone?You’re are likely using a smartphone because that’s what is popular, especially if you’re in the age catergory of 14 to 40

How to Fix your Java Phone to work like a Symbian/Android phone

This is one of the most handy tutorials for java phone users. When you see a symbian phone do you envy it because it can be minimized? Envy no more with this tutorial you’ll lean how to

Complete Phone Codes To Fix Faulty Software Faults

Generally phones are good when it’s in good order, when it can do what it’s meant to do, but they aren’t good when you it simply won’t do what it’s meant to do, either because of general

How To Type Faster On Computers Know Your Keyboard shortcuts