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What Makes A Phone A Smartphone Things You Must Know Before Buying A Phone

If you’re giving a job of picking out counterfeit money how would you go about it? By memorizing every kind of counterfeit? No. Your time would be better spent if you studied real money. After you know

Unlock Cards How To Find And Remove Memory Card Passwords

A phone is actually nothing fun-wise if it dosen’t have enough memory to store what your files and an external plug in memory to store even more files. What happens if you already own one with a

How To Minimize Applications On Java Enabled Phones

So you just bought a feature phone, you’re so happy! Peharps you just opened an application maybe games, browser, dictionary, bible or any other Java application, you start enjoying it only to received an important message in

How To Read PDF files with Reader Apps For Any Mobile Phone

There is this file you saw on the internet you want to read it, before then you’ve to download it, you did that only to discover it can’t open on your simple Java phone because it’s in

How To Create Java Apps With Android

Previously you can only create Java application with either your Laptop or Desktop computer, well some  say that it’s not possible but Internet helper say otherwise. You can create Java applications with your android smartphone. What is

How To Enable Java Function On Android Smartphone

Officially Android can’t run on Java, (Android to Java that is) that includes all Java apps, like games, and other utility apps, in some cases even videos though it largely depends on format. Yet again Officially it

Which is Better Android Or Java or Symbian Phone?

The trio has something in common that is there’re both phones they can browse, the internet play games, take photos and make and receive calls. If they all can do this things why are people saying that

How to Fix your Java Phone to work like a Symbian/Android phone

This is one of the most handy tutorials for java phone users. When you see a symbian phone do you envy it because it can be minimized? Envy no more with this tutorial you’ll lean how to