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How To Fix Earpiece and Mouthpiece Problems on Phones

Earpiece and Mouthpiece Problem Explained Earpiece.This is when you can’t hear anything on your handset either when you receive a call or when you make calls. It’s as if your phone is dumb calls can’t be answered

59 Practical Secret Codes For Samsung Galaxy S2 II

The Samsung Galaxy S2 II which is part of the Samsung smartphone family is a unique phone, easy to use, good screen resolution, elegant and slick design, ease of browsing and many more functions.Like any other phone,

Bluetooth Features How To Connect Bluethooth Headset To Mobile Phones

Bluetooth headsets has replaced the traditional wire enabled earpiece, as many phones both feature and smartphones are now equiped with bluetooth functionality.A simple phone like Java enabled Nokia S60 phone series that include Nokia X2, Nokia Asha

List Of Cell Phone Repair Shops For Android iPad And Others

There is no problem without a solution no matter how seemingly impossible it might be. For every problem there is also a solution a doctor, yes a doctor to cure all illness. This is a general thing

Safest Way To Flash/Reprogram A Phone Without Hurting It

Android call it rooting, iOS calls it Jailbreaking, other platforms like Blackberry, Java and Symbian don’t have a specific name for it, but ultimatly they are all known as flashing or reprograming. What then is mobile phone

Which is Better Android Or Java or Symbian Phone?

The trio has something in common that is there’re both phones they can browse, the internet play games, take photos and make and receive calls. If they all can do this things why are people saying that

Care For Your Gadgets How I Kept My Phone In Good Health For Long

I’ve noticed a trend which is not so good depending on how you look at it, some do change their phones almost every month or every year. Does it mean one can’t use a phone for 3

Top 51 Practical Secret Codes For Samsung Galaxy Phones

When you talk about Samsung you talk about phone, when you do talk phone you’ll talk about Samsung galaxy mobile phones This cod es are there to help you explore and use the hidden features of your

Top 5 Phone Games This Month

Every month Internet helper brings to you the best and most downloaded phone games on the Internet Top 5 Games For The Month Of July 1. Real Football 2013 Best Football game, choose from many countries, play

What Makes A Phone A Phone

Which phone are you using right now? A Feature phone a Smartphone or a Dumb phone?You’re are likely using a smartphone because that’s what is popular, especially if you’re in the age catergory of 14 to 40