Safest Way To Flash/Reprogram A Phone Without Hurting It

Safest Way To Flash/Reprogram A Phone Without Hurting It

Android call it rooting, iOS calls it Jailbreaking, other platforms like Blackberry, Java and Symbian don’t have a specific name for it, but ultimatly they are all known as flashing or reprograming. What then is mobile phone flashing?

What is Mobile phone Flashing?

Cell phone flashing is the process of re-arranging your mobile’s default settings to suite your objective, it can also be used to bring back your dead phone, revert your mobile to factory settings, remove virus and repair some faults on your device.

In this post I’m going to show you in no particular order how to flash your cell phone, it’s benefits, and how not to flash your mobile phone

Why you should Flash

There are many advantages to flashing a phone, it’s advantages are unique, unique in the sense that there is not really another way to get ride of many device problems apart from flashing, flashing has the ability to fix your phone software wise. Below are the advantages of flashing your mobile device.

i. Repairs Flashing phones are used to repair cell phones that has been troubleshooted and diagonized with software problems. Problems like : phone won’t on, comes on and off, blank screen, no display, weak batteries and general abnormal phone behaviour as a result of Virus infection.

ii. Dead Phones Imagine bringing your dead phone to life! A device you might have lost interest on because it’s completely dead and won’t come ON again, which means no lights, no display etc.

iii. Flashing to reprogram This is perhaps the top advantage of flashing mobiles, when you flash to reprogram or re-arrange you’re doing so with an objective. Some mobile carriers like Verizon, Straight talk and Vodafone may not be what you expected them to be, or you moved to a place that has no reception and you want to switch over to another carrier perhaps Verizon to Vodafone. Then flashing is your best option.

Why you shouldn’t flash your phone

Anything that has an advantage also have a disadvantage, yes we’ve all seen the benefits of giving your cell phone this treat but there are still the downsides of it, the cons of flashing which are

i. Data lost Once cell phones are flashed all stored information will be lost including contacts, apps, games, gallery files etc.
ii. Waranty void You’ll lose any waranty your device might have, as this will be taken as phone tampering by the manufacturers.

iii. General issues General issues might arise, problems associated with tampering of your device, but not to worry problems can’t arise if you follow this post closely.

Ways to Flash a phone

There are two ways to flash a mobile device depending on your objective. You either flash with the aim to change to a new mobile carrier or you flash to fix some problems your cell phone developed.

1. To change to another carrier or network This is when you want to flash your device to change from a particular carrier or network to another one that you want. This is perculiar to US and other countries where mobile are configured with network. Here is the step by step tutorial on how to flash your cell phone through this means see simple way to flash a phone to another carrier

2. Flashing to fix problems Just as I pointed ealier, this type is when you flash to solve some problems like clearing very tough Virus, bringing back dead phones etc. Here is the step by step tutorial on how to flash your cell phone through this means read flash dead or corrupted phones in 2 easy steps

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