Codes To Block Phone Numbers For Network Carriers

No matter what network carrier you use, the type of phone you’re with you can block your number from displaying to people when you call, it’s as simple as browsing the net.

If for one reason or the other you want to block your number from displaying to people when you call them, then you’d better pay attention to this simple and yet effective means that I will show you here.

Guess what! You have two choices, yes two choices which I found out for you alone, due to the extent I went in finding this out I’d appreciate it if you use the information wisely. Like I mentioned ealier you have two options, you either choose a temporary block or a permanent block depending on your needs.

Temporary block

This is when you want to block your number from displaying to a particular number, this is temporary as you’ll do it on a need-for-it basis, you know a manual kind of a thing. To do this dial *67 followed by the target’s number. For example, lets say I want to call this 222 222 222 number and I don’t want my number to show on the receiver’s phone, to block or hide my number I dial *67 222 222 222 without space and send. This code deactivates caller ID for that particular number. Wo! I’ve just called a number without a number! Amazing.

Permant block

This is done when you don’t want your number to show on ALL numbers you call. It can be said this is an automatic way of blocking/hiding phone numbers as once you’re set up, all calls made through that line becomes IDless, i.e the number will become invisible, the only downside of this, is it can’t be undone it stays maybe forever. To set this up just pick your phone now and start dialing 611 (which is the general code to call custormer care), just call your cell carrier and request for a permanent block from caller ID, they’ll try to convice you, but it’s you that will make the choice, not them.

If you want to show your number temporarily dial *82 before the target number.

Supported Carriers

U.S. Cellular
AT&T Mobility
Verizon Wireless
and all other network carriers.


For Nigerian networks like MTN, Glo, Airtel and Etisalat the general way to hide your number is dialing *31# just before the target number. You can also hide it through Settings > phone or device > then tweek the settings accordingly.

Well well well you’ve seen it, what have you to say say it! Cuz I won’t no what you’re thinking if you don’t say it. And please don’t hoad this share with others, remember sharing is caring.

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