Simple Way To Flash A Phone To Another Network Carrier

Simple Way To Flash A Phone To Another Network Carrier

Here is a tutorial that makes flashing of phone easy and simple. The below are what you’ll need. Before that it’s important you read safest way to flash and reprogram a phone, to troubleshoot and remove problems including bringing a dead phone to life see flash dead or corrupted phone in 2 easy steps

What you need

A USB Cable
The target device
Computer and
The proper Software

Simple Way

Steps to flash your device

1. Use a CDMA Phone This tutorial is for CDMA phones, so make sure you’re using one. A Code Division Multiple Access CDMA is a device that isn’t controlled by any removable subscriber indentity module (sim), to check if your phone is a CDMA, just remove the cover and battery and check whether it has a removable SIM card. If it doesn’t have any know then that it’s indead a CDMA device.

2. Download a software Google, Bing or Yahoo online, just search for any flashing software, many are even free some are, etc. Just search for good trusted ones if you don’t want to use the above.

3. Do a check Now you have your objective, you want to change your CDMA device to another carrier, that carrier must be a CDMA network too. If it’s because of location you want to change your network then you should probably see how to check cell phone coverage

4. Download the software Download the software/program to your computer, unzip the files, read the instructions and follow them, after reading the instructions, you will now be able to flash your phone within minutes. I would’ve guided you but the nature of phones and its different make, makes that way difficult, just follow the instructions that came with your downloaded phone flashing software.

5. Cross-check drivers Make sure you’ve all the drivers. If you’re unsure about your device being up to date, you can check it online at their website (e.g Nokia) with your phone make or model.

6. Be prepared to answer The flashing program, will ask you questions about your carrier, there’ll be an option for a “full flash” or a “half flash” a half flash unlocks voice and text. You’ll also be queried for MEID and ESN, to obtain this when you’re in the program “read” your device, which will then give you all the information you need. Alternatively remove your battery and look under it, you’ll see MEID (18 digit starting with 2, if it’s dec, and 15 digit for hex) and ESN ( often labeled as PESN is 8 digit)

8. Detect You should detect your device, if that software has that option. It might ask you for unlock codes which is 6 zeros for Verizon phones, it case it didn’t work try six 1s or six 3s. If PRL is required see the codes for some countries.
US the code *228 for Verizon/MetroPCS/US Cellular, and ##873283# for Sprint. In Canada, it’s *22803 for Telus Mobility.

9. Now write Depending on the software, you’ve to select write, click yes and confirm. If that works then congrats you’ve successfully flashed your cell phone to a different carrier.


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