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How To Fix Earpiece and Mouthpiece Problems on Phones

Earpiece and Mouthpiece Problem Explained Earpiece.This is when you can’t hear anything on your handset either when you receive a call or when you make calls. It’s as if your phone is dumb calls can’t be answered

Samsung Fault Detecting and Fixing Codes

Software version and secret menu code dial *#9999# and send For continues vibration dial *#9998842# send For correct dark screen dial *#0523# For Net Monitor fault detector *#0324# and send For Samsung Phone Unlocking code dial 0000

Complete Phone Codes To Fix Faulty Software Faults

Generally phones are good when it’s in good order, when it can do what it’s meant to do, but they aren’t good when you it simply won’t do what it’s meant to do, either because of general

How To Type Faster On Computers Know Your Keyboard shortcuts

2 Easy Steps To Fix and Unlock internet Modem

Fix Your Phone To Browse With Your Computer

Requirement For Connecting Your Phone To Pc You’ll need the software that will connect your phone to your computer, known as drivers. Most multimedia camera phones when purchased new comes with this software, usually in a disc.