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6 Steps To View Private Instagram Profiles 2018

It is said good things come to those who seek it, so where do that leave the bad things? To those who don’t seek it? Of course not, after all those people that died in the missing

How To Easily Rotate A Video On Instagram

If you want to make the videos you upload on Instagram somewhat special, you know just to make it stand out, rotating it will go a long way in making it stand out.   There are two

How To Rotate A Video And Save It On Windows

Here is how to easily rotate a video and also automatically save it, you can also chose right format and location you wish to save to. This completely free you don’t have to pay any thing to

How To Slow Down Youtube Videos On Mac

Watching slow motion videos on YouTube is a must if you want to analyze the details of that video, there is no way you’ll get the details you need without slowing it. So whatever you want to

How to Play Android Games on PC Without Any Software

If your PC is Intel then you’re set to play cross platform games with your computer. This means if you have a touch enabled Intel Windows Laptop, then you can play your favorite Android games on your

How To Rename Or Remove Cortana In Windows 10

Windows came up with Cortana, an alternative to Siri or should I say a Windows version of Siri. Cortana promises to be your personal assistance to you when it comes to your PC usage.  Cortana like Siri

How To Easily Fix WiFi That is Not Working On windows 8

If your wireless connection is not working, don’t fret, the solution might be easier than you think. So far your hardware is OK, then you don’t need any body to fix it, you canfix your wireless connection

How To Use The PrtSc Key On Your Laptop To Capture Things

The Prt Sc key can be used for many things, except to print, for get that it’s labelled something like Print, it was never meant to be used to print documents via your printer, rather it is

How To Locate The Print Screen Key On Your Keyboard

 The Print screen is usually a single key located on the keyboard of a Laptop and Desktop, this bottom come with a lot of labels which at times may be confusing as the Print screen you see

How To Transfer Network With Your Operating System

With your vista you can transfer software, music and everything around your laptops. If your network includes an xp laptop or system it will only browse. Steps to fix it 1. Click on network and sharing center