How To Slow Down Youtube Videos On Mac

Watching slow motion videos on YouTube is a must if you want to analyze the details of that video, there is no way you’ll get the details you need without slowing it.
So whatever you want to slow YouTube videos for, the important thing is you want to slow it.
Watching videos in slow motion in MAC is a bit tricky as it is not obvious because of how MAC computers are built, unlike Windows computers.
Even at that slowing YouTube videos while it watching on your MAC PC is not that difficult as it is pretty easy.
 It even has various ways to do that which all works.
We will look at the various ways to do that
1. Editing URL – a bit cumbersome
Get the YouTube video URL you want to watch in slow motion, edit it by adding slow. For example here is YouTube URL that talks about black Americans
Edit and add slow to youtube, it becomes
Use something like TubeTV to download the youtube video and convert it to mp4 format. 
Then in Quicktime player open
the movie and go to:
Window – shows a/v controls
and slow down the playback speed
Enounce is coming out with something called MySpeed for Mac, Myspeed will not only allow you to check the speed of your videos, it offers much more.  You can test the Beta now. At 

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