How To Easily Rotate A Video On Instagram

If you want to make the videos you upload on Instagram somewhat special, you know just to make it stand out, rotating it will go a long way in making it stand out.
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There are two ways to rotate your Instagram videos.
One is rotating the videos after uploading it on Instagram, this is done through the Instagram app.
Here are the steps to do this
• Make sure to update the Instagram app to the latest Android or iOS version.
• Now launch the app, and the tap the camera icon in order to select the video or picture you want to upload.
• If you don’t like the orientation you can change it by rotating it either to portrait or landscape, to do this tap the Format icon and change accordingly.
• Tap next to continue, it will upload the video or picture.
In some cases this might not work, or you may not be satisfied with the result. In this case you can use the second method.
This method requires any third party app that supports orientation, there is one that is quite popular Wondershare video editsthat is  filmora wondershare, the application is simple to use, just use the advanced editor to rotate your videos. 
The only draw back with this app is that you have to pay for it, as in buy it. Although it has a free version. 
But if you prefer not to spend money, and you have a windows PC just download this software  free video flip and rotate, follow this Steps to rotate your videos to any angle you want without restrictions


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