How To Access Youtube Desktop Site On Android

This is method is tested and working on Android phones! Experience the full functionality of Youtube by switching to their full desktop version even while on mobile, on Android phones in particular, so whether you’re using your Xperia, or Galaxy you sure will experience this as it will work.
Please bear in mind that you might not like the experience because of your device screen size when compared to your PC. This is one of the main reason Youtube forces your mobile browser to redirect to mobile.
I’m guessing your Android phone must have this browsers
*. Chrome
*. The inbuilt Android browser
*. Opera mini Lite (not the regular opera mini) and
*. on Mozilla Firefox

Either or all of the above will do, 
On Chrome 
How To Access Youtube Desktop Site On Android Chrome

– Open Chrome browser – press the options key, that is the key usually at the lower left side of most Android phones.
– You’ll see list of options, just scroll down and Tap ‘Request desktop site’ one it gets ticked. Go back and enter
On phone own browser

How To Access Youtube Desktop Site On Android

– Open it, press the option key
– From the list tap ‘request for desktop site’ making sure it gets marked.
– Next enter the Youtube web address in the browser and load. 
On Opera mini version 35.0.2070
How To Access Youtube Desktop Site On Android - Opera Mini
– Go to options by pressing the option key, Tap settings, scroll down and go to User Agent, then Tap and change it from mobile to Desktop.
– Type in the Youtube URL in the address bar then go to.

On Mozilla firefox 

– Load the Youtube website, then 
– On Mozilla, tap the three dot vertical button to bring up the option menu
– Then tick ‘request desktop site’ under history and find page.

Some websites may not work with browser’s, and may always be redirecting to mobile version of their site,  the fault is not from the browsers but from those websites as they have been cinfigured to ingnore browser settings and redirect come what may.

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