How To Use The PrtSc Key On Your Laptop To Capture Things

How To Use The PrtSc Key On Your Laptop To Capture Things

The Prt Sc key can be used for many things, except to print, for get that it’s labelled something like Print, it was never meant to be used to print documents via your printer, rather it is used to do some far more amazing thing than printing documents.

Is not that you can not use it to do the normal printing, it is just that it’s not the normal way, and most PC’s don’t support it. The Prt Sc also known as Print screen, or by its numerous names and abbr like Print Scrn, Prnt Scrn, Prt Scn, Prt Scr, Prt Sc or Pr Sc all depending on the PC keyboard you use, is mainly used to capture or take screenshot of the entire display or the current PC window.

This is quiet handy if you need to take a screenshot while browsing the Net, or your PC seem to be misbehaving and Tech support demands a screenshot of the problem to help you fix it.

For example on the IBM Model F keyboard, the key is labelled PrtSc and is located under the Enter key.

How To Use

This is how to use the Print screen to capture things on your PC

1. On Windows computer, pressing Prt Sc will capture the entire screen.

2. To take a screenshot of the current window press Alt key together with Prt Sc.

4. Next step is to paste this captured image into an editing program such as a graphics program like Paints or Photoshop or a word processor, like Microsoft word.

In Paints press either CTR V or right click and select paste

To do this on Photoshop after you press the print screen key, back in Photoshop you have to use the “paste” option or “ctr V” to view the image you have copied. You might first have to create something like a macu ree selection if you want to paste into a selected area.

Other uses

When you Press the Prt Sc together with left Alt key and left Shift key, it turns on a high contrast mode, this shortcut can be disabled by the user.

In Windows 8, pressing the Win key in combination with Prt Sc will save the captured image to disk. This is used for backward compatibility by users who learned Print Screen actions under operating systems such as MS-DOS.

This can change on desktop as most desktop environments, including GNOME and KDE, automatically save the screenshot file in the Pictures directory of the user.

But on Macintosh it does not use a print screen key, it uses just some keys pressed together which are start with Cmd plus Shift.

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