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How To Quickly Zoom In Or Out In MS Excel

Alright, today we will see how to easily zoom in, and out, on an Excel sheet, with or without keys on the keyboard. There are two main ways to quickly zoom in or out from an Excel

How To Rotate A Video And Save It On Windows

Here is how to easily rotate a video and also automatically save it, you can also chose right format and location you wish to save to. This completely free you don’t have to pay any thing to

How To Easily Remove Unwanted Software From Windows 8

Here is how to remove unwanted software from your Windows 8 computer. Even if this software or applications are stubborn, this steps will take care of it, as the usually stubborn unwanted software is not that difficult

How To Remove Unwanted Software From Windows 10

You can now remove unwanted software easily on Windows 10, even the stubborn ones that won’t easily give up their residence on your PC, can be removed through this method.There are about 5 ways to achieve this1.   

How To Rename Or Remove Cortana In Windows 10

Windows came up with Cortana, an alternative to Siri or should I say a Windows version of Siri. Cortana promises to be your personal assistance to you when it comes to your PC usage.  Cortana like Siri

How To Disable Internal Laptop Keyboard On Windows 8

In certain cases, especially on some Laptops, the built-in keyboard is extremely uncomfortable for multiple reasons, leading to uncomfortable position , wrist pain and other bad situations.Perhaps you have an external keyboard you’d like to use, and

Simple Way To Delete Conversations On Skype Windows 8

Skype is one of the best VoIP services in the world, with millions of users world wide, and wide range platforms it supports both mobile and computer. Still despite this it still has its own drawbacks, especially