How To Transfer Network With Your Operating System

With your vista you can transfer software, music and everything around your laptops. If your network includes an xp laptop or system it will only browse.

Steps to fix it

1. Click on network and sharing center

2. Then click setup a connection or network

3. Click setup a wireless ad hoc i.e computer to computer

4. Click next two times.

5. Give your network a name the security type= wep

6. Create a password for your connection with capital letters.

7. Go to manage wireless networks from you network sharing center,

8. Click on adapter properties.

9. When it opens click on internet protocol version 4

10. Then click properties. Tick use the following ip address.

11. Put in subnet mask just click inside and will automatically set itself.

12. Click ok your done now you have your own network.

When you connect your network other laptops will see it as a new wireless connection. You will need your passwords to connect. Create a password for it. Network providers like Multilinks, MTN Etisalat.

Vodafone etc all use the dial-up protocol to connect, so create a new dial-up connection of your modem that is created as default for your modem.

Put all the normal settings then put your password and enable for everyone.
Go to properties enable sharing the select your wireless.

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That’s it you have successfully fixed it!

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