List of Tested Email list Ad Networks For Making Money With Your Email List

List of Tested Email list Ad Networks For Making Money With Your Email List

Email marketing has come a long way, from the traditional tip based system where a guru or an expert sends you certain things which he thinks can be useful and beneficial to you, to a more recent and all inclusive type where you now have options to choose email list providers, import your email, organize them, write and send
  newslettersand many other options.
Actually the list is not big, remember it’s just tested ad network which is not many in this case. They are three giant networks that will pay you to include their advertiser’s stuffs. You can earn thousands depending on the strength of your email list, if it has an impressive number of subscribers all the better. I suggest you learn what you could about email marketing with ad networks, this will help you if you’re just starting.

1. AdClickMedia Email PPC

Sign up My number favorite, Adclickmedia is an advertising site who are into internet advertising, one of those is their email ppc program where they pay their publishers based on pay-per-click method used by other ad networks including Adsense. You only need to meet their minimum requirement to get approved. They also offer advertising solutions like photo ads, text ads and others, Adclickmedia can also double as a good adsense alternative.

2. FeedBlitz Email advert solution

sign up  FeedBlitz may be a new player in this sphere of advertising, but they are certainly making waves, although it’s pay is quite low, it more than compensate with its way of earning, you can earn with impressions and clicks unlike Adclickmedia. Its payout is low a minimum of $20 per 45 day period, you can surpass that amount if you send newsletter often payment is made via paypal. They also require your tax information.

3. LaunchBits Email ads

sign up Launchbits is perhaps the newest of the trio, the do what others do, focusing on monetizing newsletters. They provide publishers with advertisers matching the contents of the newsletters with relevant ads. You’re are in control as you control what type of ads appear. It’s good news for Mailchimp users Launchbits has integrated with Mailchimp, with intergration showing ads it’s now easy no need to copy and paste ad codes. Just sync and insert a small HTML code and you’re good to go.

This ad networks helps you avoid the headache of formatting and reformatting ad codes, think of how it will appear in Yahoomail, Gmail, Outlook etc, if you’re doing it directly, but with this tested adnetworks the headache is over, it’s all smiling to the bank.

Like I said I’ve tested them so I’ll be updating my experience with them including how much I made with each of them very soon, so stay tuned and keep visiting, otherwise subscribe to receive it.

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