How To Easily Fix WiFi That is Not Working On windows 8

If your wireless connection is not working, don’t fret, the solution might be easier than you think.

So far your hardware is OK, then you don’t need any body to fix it, you can
fix your wireless connection yourself. A little knowledge of your laptop is required, I mean basically the operation.

Follow this simple steps to restore your WiFi

Be sure to check whether your WiFi driver is present. By write clicking on my computer and going to properties then to device manager, click network and adapters, if you see something like ‘wireless WiFi link…..” or something like that no that the driver is present.

But if it is not present then you need to drive it first. Find its driver online or get driver pack solution and run it. The best thing about driver pack is it automatically detects missing drivers in Windows 8 and allows you to choose which one to drive.

After taking care of the driver issue restart your laptop and try connecting, if that didn’t work go to the next step below

1) First make sure that your wireless connection is not disabled, by moving your mouse pointer to the extreme left of your PC, to bring up Windows 8 setting slide out click the connection symbol and check whether wireless can be enabled there.

If not move on to the next step

2. Click on Search –> In search box, type ncpa.cpl and press Enter
“Network Connections” window will be opened. If you find your wireless
connection icon in grey color then right-click on it and select “Enable”.

3) Check your SSID and the security key.

And you’re good to go. Your wireless will start working fine if every thing is in order.

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