Fix Your Phone To Browse With Your Computer

fix browsing using Nokia PC Suite

Requirement For Connecting Your Phone To Pc

You’ll need the software that will connect your phone to your computer, known as drivers. Most multimedia camera phones when purchased new comes with this software, usually in a disc. Example Nokia Pc suite for Nokia phones. Don’t have Nokia PC SUITE? download it now. Or buy a Bluetooth device from computer software market, for those using Windows vista buy the plug and play type, because it doesn’t come with additional driver. For Windows xp buy the one with a driver.

Getting To Know and Fix Nokia PC Suite

Fixing and configuring Nokia PC SUITE Using Cable

Once you finish downloading and installing PC Suite, fix it with your phone using cable.

Steps for fixing Nokia PC Suite

1. Plug your phone to your PC through cable. 2. Wait for sometime your phone will be driven and ready to use. 3. Click on get connected and choose cable as your connection mode after your phone is connected, whenever you see the ball icon of your PC Suite located at the system tray of your computer turn from red to green. 4. Open the PC Suite then click on the icon with the tag. 5. Connect to the internet a small window named One Touch Access will be displayed. 6. Click on settings then you will see “select modem” click next.

Congrats! You have successfully Fixed Your Phone To Browse With Your Computer! Now you can browse with your computer using your phone as a modem!

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