Care For Your Gadgets How I Kept My Phone In Good Health For Long

I kept my phone for as long as possible

I’ve noticed a trend which is not so good depending on how you look at it, some do change their phones almost every month or every year. Does it mean one can’t use a phone for 3 to 10 years?

Well it’s possible for you to use your phone for as long as possible, take my own case for example I bought a simple Nokia X2-00(is not even andvanced smartphone!) back in January 2011, am still using it today, you might be surprised I haven’t for once repaired it, and it hasn’t developed any faults common with Java Phones.

I’ve been using that phone along with my other gadgets I bought that year, and it hasn’t developed any faults, minor or major, in the process I’ve found out the general safety rules in tech and phones in particuler which when applied will insure your phones last long too.

So what’s my little secret you might ask, my little secret is actually this tips am going list below understanding what what makes a phone a phone will also help you better to understand importance of this tips.

Tips To Keep Your Phones Working For A Long Time


1. A new phone should be fully charged.
2. Do not overcharge your phones, unplug it when it displays “battery full” or any other related words.
3. Use the recommended charger to charge your battery


4. Insure you insert your battery properly, if you don’t know how refer to the phone’s user manual
5. Always use the recommended battery
6. If for any reason you want to remove the battery insure you switch off your phone first.

General Rules

7. Don’t put your phone in your back pockets to avoid sitting on it.
8. Insure you put your phone in standby when not in use.
9. When using an application that requires joysticks like games (for some phones) use numbers instead. This protects the main keypads.
10. Phones are not toys so do not give them to children.

Is simple and pretty obvious right? Now read through it again take care not to miss anything, now do you see the catch?

Don’t underestimate the power of this little secrets, is actually the little things in life that works well, not those big technical details . But the truth is  some guys has been following this tips including yours truly and it works really well, unless you have the money to spend on changing your phones and making the manufacturers rich you’d be wise to apply this tips.

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