What Makes A Phone A Phone

what makes a phone a phone?

Which phone are you using right now? A Feature phone a Smartphone or a Dumb phone?
You’re are likely using a smartphone because that’s what is popular, especially if you’re in the age catergory of 14 to 40 years. Featurephone users are few nowadays though the age bracket is pretty close to Smartphone users usually from 14 to 60 years anything more or less can do. Dumbphone users are minor, those are now reserved for our grannies and grandpas’ you can guess the age bracket.

Peharps you may be familiar with Smartphons but you’re not familiar with Dumbphones, and Featurephones, I’ll explain

Feature phones

This are phones manufactured with a focus of assisting users just like a personal digital assistant PDA. Feature phones run on Java platform and can perform many tasks which Dumbphones can’t.
They’ve many functions like browsing, playing games and downloading some third party applications since it’s Java enabled. Example of a feature is Nokia x2-00 and other Nokia S60 series.

Telephone Dumbphones


Imagine when a phone like Nokia 3310 was considered the rave of the moment? Well now it has assumed the status of “dumpphones”. Just like the name dumphones are phones which can’t browse, and can’t accept third party applications. They are produced specifically for making voice calls and sending text messages.


Smartphones are now the in-thing right now they are hot in the market, if you’re reading this without computer the probability of you using a smartphone is high. Smartphones are high-end phones that usually runs on Windows, Android and Apple OS. It can perform some functions the other two can not like multi-tasking etc. Example are iPhones

What makes Your Phone A Phone?

The general rule in life is everything in life is connected; so too is the Internet and Tech, phones in particular are connected too. A phone no matter how advanced how sophisticated it is compared to other phones has something in common with its lesser compatriot, no matter how advanced the Smartphones are compared to Feature phones and Dumbphones a phone is still a phone.

Common connections

* They have a screen
* They can be used to make voice calls and send text messages
* They have keybords even touchscreens still have keys
* They have batteries and chargers
* They have brand names, serial numbers and makes.
* They can be used as weapons (bomb triggers)
* They all can Vibrate.

This are some of the common connection between the three types of phones; the Featurephones, Smartphones and Dumbphones. Always look out for this connection because that’s what makes a phone a phone

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