Top 10 Free Blog Directories

To 10 free blog directories
I’ve read on many blogs where they said content is king, yes I know content is king in blogging but what happens if you’ve the content but you don’t have traffic? Or readers The truth is in blogging contents are kings but traffic is god.
In other to get traffic to your blog you need to explore various sources, such sources includes submitting your blog to this 10 top free directories. This are list of sites where if you submit your blogs, you’re sure to increase your blog’s pagerank over time. Higherpage rank equals to having the “blogging god” which is traffic.

Top 10 Free Blog Directories to submit Your Blogs

Possibly the best website to submit your blog links. Their service is free, they’re the highest blog directory in terms of traffic and reputation. A link to your blog from dmoz is like a god, it takes time for your link to be included you’ve to be patient.
2. TechnoratiUnlike dmoz it’s easy to submit your blog to Technorati, all you’ve to do is to create an account with them, then you follow their procedure. A link from Technorati is very good, and worth your time.
3. Exactseek Just like the name, Exactseek finds and indexes many blogs and articles on the Internet. You help fuel the procedure by submiting your blog.
4. Haabaa directoryA free link directory that accept blogs, which in turn are sorted by categories.
6. Re-QuestRe-Quest is a free online library designed to work as an online source for research. You’ve to complete a quick suvey before you can submit your site. If your blog is found usefull it’ll have a chance to be featured imagine what that will do your blog.
7. Web worldingSince 2001 this free web directory has been listing blogs sorted by category on the Internet.
8. illumirateThis is a search engine as well as directory created by a group of editors. This directory is human reviewed, that is your blog is reviewed by humans, so make sure your blog is up to it.
9. CanadopediA free blog directory accepting blogs, but with a focus on Canadian blogs, or blogs having contents related to Canada.
10. So muchSo much is a free link directory, where they aim to offer users, ease of surfing while avoiding lots of Internet clutter.

So now I’ve shown you the way of getting the blogging god, it’s now left for you to use it.

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