Bluetooth Features How To Connect Bluethooth Headset To Mobile Phones

Bluetooth headsets has replaced the traditional wire enabled earpiece, as many phones both feature and smartphones are now equiped with bluetooth functionality.
A simple phone like Java enabled Nokia S60 phone series that include Nokia X2, Nokia Asha series, and E series to more advanced smartphones like Android enabled Techno and other phones, also super-smart devices like ipad, ipod, Samsung Galaxy, Varison and others are also using handsfree Bluetooth headset.

Bluetooth hands-free headset types and features

Bluetooth headset has types, there’re two major ones.
Two major types of bluetooth earpiece
single earpiece
The single-ear bluetooth(earpiece) :This earpiece resembles the traditional earphones except this one has no wire and it’s only made for one ear. It’s a mono, single-ear headsets; and as such it’s limited in its functions

Features of this Single-ear bluetooth earpiece

It has one button used for making and receiving phone calls. Most devices of its kind can’t change music if you’re playing songs through it unless you do it manually, it usually have a red and blue indicator lights (red for off and low battery, blue for connections)
2. Bluetooth headphoneThe second one is bluetooth headphone which is a sterio two ear multi-function bluetooth headset.

Features of Bluetooth headphones(two ear)

It has many features as a multi-function headphone its functionality is only limited to how far your phone could go.
Majority of this headphones has the following
* In built Mp3 player with memory card slot.
* Radio (usually FM)
Stronger and chargeable battery (small pin charging point mostly)
* Can make and receive calls.
* Wireless connections.

Connecting Your Phone to a Bluetooth headset

1. First charge both devices until its fully charged (if battery is low it won’t pair)
2. On it, blue light shows, if it didn’t establishe connection automatically, search it with your phones bluetooth menu
3. After connection the indicator light will start blinking.
Congrats! You’ve successfully connected your mobile device to bluetooth headphone and earpiece. You can now make and receive calls, play music, and many other things through it.
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